My first foray into evolutionary eating came in the form of a six week trial of Mark Sisson‘s Primal Blueprint.

I had great results, and fell head-over-heels in love. (As an aside, the phrase “head over heels” has always bothered me because my head is almost always over my heels! Except, of course, during handstand push-ups. I’m sure I’m not alone in taking objection to this particular idiom.)

I’ve decided to leave the content from my first six weeks in its original resting place. All except for the pictures:

Handy links for navigating my initial six week journey:

I highly recommend a similar trial protocol for those considering a diet of any kind. Tracking my intake kept me aware of what I was eating (you don’t need to do it forever), and blogging about it made me feel accountable (and unearthed a passion for writing I didn’t know I had). Feel free to call it an “F6W” – it’ll look great written below your stunning before and after pic.

Oh and here’s me at my worst:

And how I looked after a mass gain in the spring:

I look pretty similar to the pic on the right still, just a little more muscle.

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