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The Merit of Calorie Counting

Primal Toad has been generating lots of great content lately, and his series detailing a heart-healthy eating plan is no exception.

In the third installment, he decries the practice of counting calories (he’s gone on record before with a similar sentiment). I agree with him… sort of.

I certainly agree that for the large majority of people (even dieters), counting calories is unnecessary and even counter-productive. However, I think there are parties with something to gain from the practice (think: bodybuilders, fitness models, anyone navigating single-digit BF%, etc.).

Rest assured that you can live a very long and happy life complete with six-pack abs without tracking your intake. I know I have had great success in the past without weighing and measuring my food but I still think the practice of counting calories can be of value.

Jump for what Taubes meant and when counting helps.


March 9, 2011

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