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Real Results – FTA Feature

Richard at Free the Animal posted a great feature about me today. Big thanks!

Below is the full version of the story I sent Richard. Enjoy!


1 comment April 19, 2011

Guest Post: Corey’s First Eight Paleo Weeks

Hey Kit’s readers; my name is Corey, and I went primal/paleo 8 weeks ago after hearing about it from Kit. I have known Kit for about a decade now. We have had some good times, and some bad, and have done a lot of things together; from spending lunch periods together in junior high, learning to skateboard, to hanging out in high school, losing friends, making new ones, playing hockey, to experiencing the outdoors, and now we have even become health conscious of our bodies together (Ed. Note: Not like in the same room or anything), though the credit for that is all Kit’s. After a few months of Kit’s experiences, I decided I too would jump on the wagon and since then, he has asked me to write something about my own experience with living the Paleo lifestyle, and I am happy to oblige.

A quick note, then I’ll let Corey take over again after the break. For those of you who have never been here before and are interested in learning more about the lifestyle, start from “About” or Eat This, Not That. Also check out my “F6W“. Or feel free to just browse through using the search bar or the tags in the left pane. When Corey sent me this package, he very modestly put his “before and after” pic at the very end. I bumped it up to the front page, because I know everybody will click on through to the other side after seeing it. Read on, and enjoy Corey’s style of writing – I know I laughed out loud a few times reading his post.


February 16, 2011

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