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Using Light as an Alarm Clock

I’ve made a few updates in the bedroom since my post about keeping the light out. First, I lined my window shades with black vinyl trim. The trim is attached to the board, not the wall, so it removes easily with the rest of the shade. It is unbelievable how much darker the room is. It’s a whole new kind of darkness.

It’s so dark, in fact, that light now makes a great alarm clock. I picked up a cheap electronic timer from home depot, and it has been working very well. I don’t entirely trust it, so I set it to turn my bedside lamp on 5 minutes before my real (loud as all-get-out) alarm goes off. I have woken up before that 5 minutes ends every day, and I feel much less alarmed by the whole thing. Prepare for more puns now that I’m better-rested.

*Unfortunately, they don’t have the one I got on their website. Mine was fully electronic, and cost about $4. Like this one, but cheaper.


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