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Random Vacation Musings – Weight Loss Dulls Hunger

I’m spending a few weeks out of the office with a nice view.

Except that it’s raining today, so I thought I’d stop and drop a few thoughts. Less of a cogent blog post, more like scribbling on a bedside pad in the middle of the night, half awake from a strange dream.


August 25, 2011

Leaky Gut: Plain and Simple

Protein Power Lifeplan inspired me to do a quick sketch this afternoon. It’s a simple schematic of the human body and gut.

Here’s the passage from PPL that brought this image to mind (emphasis mine):

The body has two external surfaces to defend: the one that everyone is familiar with, the skin surface, and the other, which few people recognize as external to the body, the lining of the intestinal tract. What may seem to you to be deep, deep within your body – the contents of your very guts – is actually very carefully kept on the outside. So the body, as we think of it, has a tunnel, an external passageway, right through the middle of it, beginning with the mouth, extending down the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, the colon, and the rectum, and finally emerging at the far end. What’s inside that tunnel isn’t technically inside your body, even though it goes right through the middle of it.

Obviously, the majority of the passage led right to the sketch, but the last sentence really put my understanding of leaky gut in a new light. Food (and the feces we turn that food into) is never inside our body. That really emphasizes that lots of bad stuff can happen if that food or feces does get into our bodies.


2 comments June 11, 2011

Garbage to Infinity

Warning: This is going to be one of those boring posts without any links to research or awesome graphs. Take comfort in its brevity. *I wrote this passage before this post became a rambly mess. Apologies.*

I don’t have much issue sticking to my diet – most of the time. So far, the only time I’ve had trouble is when I let myself off the hook ahead of time. Just this last weekend, I was visiting my parents and I was planning to loosen up a little bit. That little turned into a lot (a few beers, a few oz of m&m’s, and some frozen yogurt). I should have avoided the problem by making clearer plans. I’m not about to beat myself up about it, because it’s not worth the stress.

Instead, I’ll use it as a learnable moment, which works out great, because it happens to fit the standard spiel I dispense whenever the subject of adherence arises.


May 25, 2011

Self-Diagnosis: Recent Headaches

On Saturday, my workout started very successfully, with a Deadlift personal best of 400lbs. Then I got a brain-crushing headache that cut my workout short. The headache set in during my first heavy set of bench-press, with such force that I had to sit motionless for over a minute before I felt it was safe to walk. It lasted for the next 10 hrs and felt a lot like my only ever clinically diagnosed migraine (back in 2003).


2 comments May 18, 2011

Manic Monday: Low-Fat Faileo

This one will be quick because, frankly, it’s been addressed before, and I just want to pass on some key info.

“Faileo” is a pretty popular buzzword in our neck of the woods because it refers to a very common failure of the newly indoctrinated dieters among us; the mistake of eating paleo without the fat. Unfortunately, this particular mistake is bound to happen, considering the lipophobic society many of us have grown up in.

Melissa McEwan of Hunt.Gather.Love had a great post on this last year – another reason this will be short.


1 comment May 16, 2011

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