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Let’s Stop Saying Potatoes Are Nutrient-Poor

Courtesy of Fitday, nutrient breakdowns of about 150 cals by % of RDA for 2000 cal diet (click to enlarge):

White Potato

White Potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato




Of course, advocates of safe starch are not recommending replacing steak with potatoes. More like as a replacement of gratuitous coconut oil, bacon grease, walnuts I guess – the possibilities are many.

Oh and as Don and Stephan (1, 2, 3) (and the Kitavans, by some accounts) showed, one can live on safe starches.

For the record – I eat lots of steak and lots of sweet potatoes.


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October 12, 2011

Brief Summer Update

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted in quite a while. It turns out that a full-time job takes up a lot of, well, time. Normally, I’d promise to post more in the near future, but I can’t commit to that right now. I can promise that I’ll be back to more regular posts in mid-September. Think of it as a nice summer break from reading my silly thoughts.


July 22, 2011

Headaches Update

First post on this subject is here. I’ve been having headaches, and my first hypothesis was that it was caused by nitrates in bacon.

Ditching the bacon seemed to help at first, but even as the bacon remained absent, the headaches returned.

The bacon hypothesis relied on exertion; the theory dictated that headaches were caused by a combination of low blood oxygen and high muscular oxygen requirement (exertion), resulting in less oxygen to my brain.

The problem is that sprints, squats and deadlifts do not cause headaches for me, but even warmup sets of chinups and bench press do. The common theme? Compression of the dorsal side of the spine.

Now I’m thinking that the headaches are due to nerve impingement on the back side of my spine, due either to a pinched nerve or herniated disk.

The big breakthrough that led me to this happened during a particularly intense headache on Thursday. I asked The Girlfriend to apply pressure to different parts of my back, and when she pushed on a spot between my spine and right shoulder blade, the headache dissipated. When she discontinued pressure, the headache returned.

I achieved the same effect by grabbing the doorknob with my right hand and leaning away from the door. Both of these actions relieved inter-vertebral pressure on the back side of my spinal column, likely unpinching the affected nerve.

Hopefully I’ll know more after an appointment with a neurologist on Thursday morning.

June 1, 2011

Hello First Time Visitors

If you’re new to this corner of the health and fitness blogosphere:

  • Start with the StarterPage.
  • Check out the “About” page.
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  • For the basis of my dietary beliefs – Eat This, Not That Redux
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  • Cruise around and check out any of the posts you find interesting. The Manic Monday posts are popular.

Don’t forgot to follow @engrevo on twitter!

Happy surfing!

April 15, 2011

My Reply to Durianrider

I posted this as a comment on this atrocity of a blog posting. We’ll see if it makes it through moderation:

Hey Durianrider,

Some really interesting science you’ve got going here. ;)

I’m posting two links in this comment. The first is my “recap” after trying a “primal” diet for 6 weeks. You’ll see that I posted exactly what I ate and any activity for all 42 days (save a 3 day camping trip). Clearly I lost my gut, I didn’t gain one. The before picture was the result of following the government recommendations pretty closely – diet and cardio. You’ll also see that I didn’t starve myself at all. (See average daily calories per week in first graph – the teal line). I also exercised fewer minutes per week during those six weeks than before I started. (

The second link is my 6 month update. After the initial 6 weeks, I stopped tracking my intake and ate whatever I wanted (clean paleo/primal foods only of course!). [Though to be fair, I wasn’t restricting myself during the first six weeks, though one could argue that happened unintentionally due to the act of recording what I ate.] In this post I have added a third picture, the six month picture. You’ll see that although I got a new camera, I didn’t get a new gut (or even my old one back). (

I promise I’m not “on HGH shots” – or starving myself. :)


Oh and I’m just getting my own site going ( so you can call me a blogger too!


I’m looking forward to the great debate! Go get ’em Richard.

Update after the jump.


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