Crusted Rockfish, Another Burger w/Fries, and a PWO Meal

April 29, 2011

This week featured a bevy of delicious meals, so I figured I’d share. First off, we found some wild-caught Rockfish at Costco, so the girlfriend cooked it up according to this recipe.  She used coconut flour and butter for the wheat flour and canola oil, respectively.

The sauce seemed waaaay too strong when tasted alone, but it was perfect on the fish. She did end up using about twice the butter called for in the sauce. After the break, we’ll see another take on a burger and fries and a PWO meal.

Last time I had a 100% grass-fed burger with sweet potato fries, this time around, it was wild elk burger fried in coconut oil (again with pepperjack cheese), complete with eggplant chips.

The eggplant chips were super easy, but could have come out a little better. I cut the eggplant as thin as I could, tossed the slices in olive oil with salt and pepper. I burned them a bit with the broiler. Next time I’ll cook them longer at a lower temp.

Finally, a super easy PWO meal. A pound of chicken breast pan-fried in a bit of butter with one onion and two pounds of sweet potatoes. Then I drizzled a bit of honey on top and sprinkled with saigon cinnamon.

Remember: My PWO meals are high-protein, high-carb, and low-fat. Which is not the way I normally eat.

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